QueBIT Wins 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding IBM Analytics Line-of-Business Solution


Since 1995, Applied Analytix has been helping companies leverage their Excel-based planning, forecasting and reporting. We provide the knowledge, experience, and support that companies need to become an analytics–driven organization.


How to become an analytics-driven company

Analytics-driven companies are focused on analyzing trends, performing what-if analysis, and digging deeper into their business performance. Instead of spending time manipulating and validating data, you’ll have more time to make informed decisions that affect your bottom line.

Your business analytics roadmap starts with:

  • "Applied Analytix understanding of manufacturing, finance, and sales analysis means we get a solution that is meaningful to our business"

    — Dave Siegfried, CTO, Columbus Foods

    "Our Flash Report now takes less than a day to complete, giving us the time to step back and understand how we are doing against the plan." 

    — Roger Heim, Controller, Aviation Technical Services

    “TM1 is a very flexible application that can be driven by the Finance team and also give the department managers enough information to manage their environment.”

    — Adrienne Gosnell, Accounting Manager, Spartanburg

    "We've turned raw data into business insight, improved our order fill rates, and gone from being a reactive company to a proactive company."

    — Steve Greenwood, Director of Budgets & Reporting, Sun World International

    "We were looking for a business analytics tool that was real-time and basically a relatively reasonable cost."

    — Dan Atler, CFO, Litepoint

    “This used to be the Finance department plan - now it is used company-wide."

     — Derek Metzger, Senior Financial Analyst, Onyx Pharmaceuticals