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Since 1995, Applied Analytix has been helping companies reduce their over-reliance on Excel. We provide the knowledge, experience, and support companies need to become an analytics-driven organization.




  • Success Story – Aviation

    Success Story - Aviation

    "Our Flash Report now takes less than a day to complete, giving us the time to step back and understand how we are doing against the plan."
    - Roger Heim (Controller)

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    Success Story – Onyx

    Success Story - Onyx

    "Now there is more focus and attention reflected in the plan. The level of ownership has increased. This used to be the Finance department plan - now it is used company-wide."
    - Derek Metzger (Sr. Financial Analyst)

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    Success Story – Sun World

    Success Story - Sun World

    "We've turned raw data into business insight, improved our order fill rates, and gone from being a reactive company to a proactive company."
    - Steve Greenwood (Director, Budgets & Reporting)

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    Success Story – Milgard

    Success Story - Milgard

    "The IBM Cognos application is very adaptive, agile, and is easily changed to compensate for changes in the business."
    - Chortney Ruesch (Director of FP&A)

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    Success Story – Columbus

    Success Story - Columbus

    "Applied Analytix' understanding of manufacturing, finance, and sales analysis means we get a solution that is meaningful to our business."
    - Dave Siegfried (CTO)

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  • White Papers - Avoid the Spreadsheet Trap

    Avoiding the Spreadsheet Trap
    Learn the danger of spreadsheet over-reliance and how better reporting, analysis and planning can help you deal with the information challenges that can impede your growth.

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    White Papers - OLAP or Relational

    OLAP or Relational
    We frequently get asked questions about why companies should use OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) rather than a relational model, and how does OLAP fit into a company’s analytics strategy. In this white paper we recommend when to use OLAP or Relational for different tasks.

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    White Papers - Best Practices of Dashboard Design

    Best Practices of Dashboard Design
    "A Pragmatic Approach to Dashboard Design" provides an overview of some of the best practices for the dashboard design and build process. This White Paper is an overview of our best practices in helping to guide our clients through the dashboard design and build process.

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  • Demos – IBM Cognos Express

    Demos - IBM Cognos Express

    IBM Cognos Express
    Featuring the TM1 analytics engine–the first BI and planning solution that's purpose-built and priced for midsize companies.

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